Monday, August 12, 2013

And a new school year begins!

I can't even begin to count the number of school years that I've begun over my lifetime (okay, I could, but there are not only those from when I was a student, but also all my teaching years too). So I'd say and since my Momma taught school most of my life the beginning of a school year marked a profound change.  It was truly a new beginning, a clean slate and a chance to make life into whatever you want it to be.

Today my little ones began a new school year as did I; however, some things are already very different about this school year for us. First, Evie Alice is completing her school year at home. I wasn't ready to give her up to preschool yet, nor was she ready to go. And Ella Rose is starting private pre-k. Wow! My eldest little girl is growing up so quickly!!!!

The biggest difference for me this year though is the home schooling. Never in a million years did I think I'd be teaching from home. Who'd of thunk? But seriously, I believe it will be a grand adventure and one I am looking quite forward to. Evie Alice and I had a blast this morning and began her schooling shortly after Ella Rose departed for Pre-K this morning. Evie working on singing ABCs, counting, identifying squares. Then we looked at her name, colored, made a handprint craft and painted. It was so much fun and is so far removed from what I've done with much of my adult life (since I've worked with teenagers for the last decade.

But it's a good change. Now both my little ones are napping, I've had a brief break and I'm going to continue working on the daily chores of picking up and putting everything in it's place.

Oh! But before I forget, today also began my first day of pet sitting. And it was grand...what truly amazing adventures are in store for us this year. I like what I'm seeing so far...and when I think about how much God has changed my path from where it was I am amazed. And as different as it is, it is also grand. to clean up before my busy bees awaken...

Boop doop de doop