Monday, April 29, 2013


Here lately every time I get on facebook I just want to scream. There are people claiming that the Boston bombing was a conspiracy and a set up by the government. So obviously paranoid and also so obviously NOT true. There are legit articles about a situation where a five month old baby was removed from his family by CPS because they sought a second opinion for his care and removed him from the hospital AMA in order to do so...while taking him to another facility. Nonetheless, the parents are charged with severe neglect and he was removed. That frustrates me... and makes me want to question what some portions of the government are doing. And then there's the group that regularly posts things against C-sections which makes my blood boil including articles claiming that births in the hospital aren't necessary but just do it at home and that our country should promote home births. Excuse me?!?!

The c-section thing is the one that hits closest to home for me and I've bitten my tongue and bitten my tongue until I think I might just bite right through it. Why does this hit home? Because I've had two c-sections and I'm SO thankful that I did. When I was pregnant with my dear Ella Rose I explained to my OB that the only way I would okay a c-section was if my life was in danger. I had a typical pregnancy and there didn't seem to be any reason for alarm until I went into labor. As I labored for 15 hours my blood pressure began to elevate and by the time they performed the emergency c-section I had no doubt it was c-section or death...there was no alternative.the chances that we both would have made it through the delivery without the c-section were slim to none. And I was right...I had SEVERE pre-eclampsia. Had I been trying this at home (as this recent article suggested should be an option to all "normal pregnancies" I would have most likely not lived through the exprience. Was I low risk, yes. It was my first pregnancy and we had no reason to suspect I'd have any problems. But there were complications and a c-section was needed to keep us both alive. The epidural didn't work...and so I slept through the actually delivery of my beautiful four year old. We both survived the situation and life moved on.

Fast forward two years...and I'm once again in labor with my precious Evie Alice. The American Assoc. of Physicians had updated their rules and regulations and I'd scheduled a repeat c-section since I *know* that's the safest thing to do...but I was worried because they'd not let me schedule the section before 39 weeks of pregnancy. My first bundle of joy arrived before 39 weeks and I just "knew" my second would too...and she did. So...once again I went into labor. Now part of me hoped that I could experience a normal labor and delivery without a c-section, but once it started I again knew that wasn't possible. So after a few hours of labor I was given magnesium sulfate, an epidural that did work and had another emergency c-section. I was informed that my recurrent pre-eclampsia had once again reared it's ugly head and that it was the MOST SEVERE level and the worst case that this doctor had ever seen. The magnesium sulfate had to be started before the c-section even began...and once again I survived and have another beautiful daughter as a result.

But the idea that a c-section makes my deliveries any less valuable or that the doctors intervention is wrong just boils my blood. Now I know the individuals posting these articles would claim my c-section experiences aren't what they are talking about...but they are! They have no reason to assume that my experiences are different from those of other women who experience a section. Does the U.S have a high rate of intervention with births? Yes...but does that mean it's unnecessary? No.

These OB doctors know what they are doing...and c-sections save lives. To refuse one when faced with pre-eclampsia or the threat there of or even the unknown is idiotic. Medical help exists to make our lives easier. Why refuse it? It makes no sense...

Would you refuse a heart bypass...or help from any other medical issue. Of course you wouldn't so why refuse the help offered while delivering a baby. There are my two cents. I hope I've not offended anyone, but if I have...then I have. My rant is done!

I hope you have a great day!

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