Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hi all-

The autumn air has inspired me to start blogging again. Okay, so that's not entirely true. Actually reading a good friend's pet's blog inspired me to start one for my dear furry children as well as one for Ella Rose. And so while I began working on those, I decided it was waaaaaaaaaayyy past time for me to be updating this one!

So here I sit, typing on my long neglected blog.

As I type, I'm listening to the cheerful-ahhhhhhhhh sounds coming from my constantly growing and changing 7 month old who is clicking and popping (with her mouth) as she creates her own form of music complete with occasional burst of her own name. Yes, my child's first word is her own name. :) El-la she screams! There's no better sound to this proud Momma's ears.

Jumping back to inspiration ideas for a minute though, what the cool air has really inspired is my desire to work in our yard. So just as soon as Ella Rose and I return from our North Georgia adventures, I am looking forward to weeding our garden, cleaning up the stoop outside, and planting some fall flowers. I love the fall despite the fact that my allergies go haywire and get worse every year. And as I age, I find that I love being outside more and more. SO...hopefully, our youngest family member won't pull up my autumn plants the way that she did the flowers my mother-in-law planted as a mother's day gift for me. No, I'm not talking about my dear Ella Rose, but even a younger member of the family, our newest puppy Daisy.

Daisy is about 7 months old too (so pretty close to Ella's age) and full of all the puppy energy that goes with her youth!!! However, I'm convinced that I can encourage Daisy not to destroy all the pretties in the yard again. I hope!!!

Regardless, of what the autumn weather brings, I can hardly wait for fall break y'all. Don't get me wrong. I'm loving teaching, but I've got my hands full with it. I'm teaching seven, yes you read correctly, seven periods a day (out of a seven period day) running a homeroom, and doing three separate preps. On top of that, I'm still pumping milk for my little Ella Rose in ALL my spare time at school. ha! Would you believe I'm loving it? And I look forward to sharing much, more more about the happenings around here really soon.

However, my Ella Rose is now calling Mum-Ma and ready for more news will follow tomorrow. After all. I'm participating in Blog every day in October (as suggested by a good friend who referred me to NaBloWriMo and I can hardly wait!

See you soon!!