Monday, February 7, 2011

Maternity Leave

Figuring out when to begin my maternity leave has been quite an interesting adventure this time around. With Ella Rose it was much simpler, I was waiting for labor. :() Actually, I ended up waiting for a date to induce since my doctor was going out of the country. However, the induction didn't work and I ended up having her two days later...via c-section because my labor didn't progress properly and pre-eclampsia set in.

This time around though, there's no worries about labor. We won't be inducing and the only real determination has been when to start my maternity leave knowing that the c-section is scheduled for February 15th. Actually, it was originally scheduled for February 8th and that's why the maternity leave date began to move. I put in for my leave to begin on the 4th of February...but then my doctor announced he'd not be in town this week....SO...I moved the date until the 11th of February.

However, the situation has gotten more interesting. My little family has struggled through 4 deaths in 8 days right now. All of these deaths are people closely connected to my husband. Bless his heart...
So...things have been quite stressful at home. Needless to say my blood pressure has increased again during this pregnancy and so I've been worried about a repeat of the pre-eclampsia that didn't show up with Ella until I was in active labor. So tomorrow is it. I'll officially be on maternity leave until May 2nd, and I have to say that the prospect of being home for 9 weeks fills me with excitement, but anxiety.

I'm nervous about how things are going to go during the scheduled c-section. I'm very nervous about the two weeks at home confinement after the c-section. I am phenomenally nervous about how Ella Rose will react to having a sibling. I can't help but worrying that I'm somehow hurting her by bringing another baby into our lives. And yes, I worry that I won't be bonded with this child as much as I have with Ella Rose.

Ah, the worries of a soon to be second time Mommy.

I am however, looking forward to having time with my little ones...and I look forward to updating this site and having time to do things for my loved ones at home...

I guess we'll see how it goes.