Thursday, September 29, 2011

Early morning chaos!!

As I drug myself out of bed this morning around 5ish...I couldn't help but think about how much has to get done each and every morning before I even step foot outside of my home! And this morning was nooo exception. My darling seven month old has decided that it's her favorite pasttime to get up within ten minutes of my departure from bed. No ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't matter what time, day or night I get up...Miss Chipmunk will be yelling for me shortly after that feat. So I was amazed this morning when I had time to put on all of my make up...roll my hair and even get my clothes on before she began summoning me back to the bedroom.

Thursday mornings are ALWAYS interesting around our domestic estate, because not only am I trying to get my darling doodlebugs out the door on time and to school/work myself, but I'm trying to make sure everything is picked up for our cleaning lady. Yes, I too pick up in anticipation of our cleaning lady's arrival...and God Bless her! I broke down and hired her when the school year began because I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold back the tons of impending chaos with two little ones two and under and still keep up the schedule that we currently manage. And let me tell's a schedule.

Miss Chickie has dance on Mondays, Gymnastics on Tuesday, and we pick up our CSA groceries on Wednesday. Then we inevitably have company Wednesday Thursday mornings I'm more than ready for the house to be spruced up for the weekend!! Any free time (even just 15 minutes) to do more than a quick pick up here and there seems non-existant. I'm working on it...but I do believe that the piles and mounds of STUFF grow over night.

Anyway...the morning routine this morning, was CHAOS! I had to clean up the dishes from the night before because I fell asleep putting my darling doodlebugs to bed, for the third time this week. Then I rebooted the laundry, emptied the dishwasher, packed the lunches, loaded up supplies that Chipmunk and Chickie need for the sitter, fixed breakfast and finally got my dear little ones and husband out of bed. WHEW! And  yes, that's all before even thinking about heading out the door...

This morning, not only was the counter covered in dishes, but then there was the struggling with mounds and piles of LAUNDRY! Good gracious, I believe the clothes and paper have been communicating because I'm certain my laundry has taken a cue from the paper piles and is now multiplying and procreating as we speak. So after shoving the uneccessary paper piles into the black hole  (insert twilight zone music here) of our guest bedroom and gathering the fifteen piles of clothes from around the house, of clothing...I sat down...and enjoyed a hurried breakfast with my loved ones. Whew!

Mornings around our home! Gotta love them...and I do... but I'm I'm going to get better at preparing the night before (cough...sputter... after Fall break) ...I'm determined not to fall asleep with my children! I will load supplies into the car earlier and convince my precious seven month old that her dear Mommy does not need supervision during the morning sprint to prepare the household for our journey out into the wide wide least that's my plan... ha ha!

Then again,  I may just decide to follow the song: Here we go 'round the Mulberry Bush. That's got to be the schedule that will calm the savage beast...also known as Thursday morning...

We'll see...won't we...but for now...I'm going to savor the fact that tomorrow is Friday...and then I have ten glorious days of fall break! Wooo hoo or should I say  Boop Boop de Doop!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I've decided to try to participate in October's National Blog Writing Month. I tried to do this last year and it was an epic failure! I'm confident this year will be better though.

Basically the idea is to write a blog post a day for the entire month. I know it's going to be a challenge with two little ones running around to manage this. Hopefully, instead of discouraging me, the busy schedule that we have planned to October will inspire me to blog daily. So far plans for October include, our annual apple picking adventure, the Georgia National Fair, Kid-o-ween at Wild Adventures, playtime at Chehaw Park, possibly the Georgia Aquarium or the Children's Museum in Atlanta, Thomas the Train's big day out, a trip to the Pumpkin Patch and finally trick-or-treating!
Whew! It's going to be a wild, but FUN month! I can hardly wait...I have to admit it's my favorite month mainly because it's when fall really starts to begin down here in South GA.
    Ella Rose is SO excited about Halloween! She's already decided on her costume and has declared that she's going to be Bob the Tomato and Evie Alice is going to be Larry the Cumcumber. Now I've just got to make those costumes. Here comes, OCTOBER! I can hardly wait!